How big would a purple elephant be if it ate 10 CDs?            1-8-09

Do ribbons on clouds make a noise that sounds like a pancake?      1-8-09

Your intestine is bright red from embarrassment.             1-8-09

Anubis doesn't wear pants! (Anubis is a ancient Egyptian god who has a jackal for a head.)        1-8-09

How come it's called a building if the building is already built?       1-10-09

If flowers on apples made an encyclopedia, would there be sunglasses with lightbulbs?                              1-10-09

Snakes slither, cows moo, cats lick themselves, but do any of them jump?  1-10-09

Big black boots are actually small white flip flops in disguise. They are very sneaky.      1-10-09

Why do diplomas turn green when you stick them underneath a shampoo bottle?            1-16-09

Gumdrops, paper clips, and Egyptian spells look good together.                  1-18-09

Would penguins eat Vlarpins if they lived in Bolivia?                    1-18-09

Would a boring lotion be bored if it was put on an interesting person?                  1-18-09

Platypusses are plums that are dyed gray with beaver tails sewed on them.                   1-18-09

Blue lamps and ink cartridges are vegetables in diapers in disguise.                     1-19-09

Cheeseburgers without meat are very friendly.1-30-09

Racoons like bubble baths while eating soup upside down.

Ironing while eating a cheeseburger is a magnifying glass.

Cows like playing bagpipes while looking at diapers.

Eating printer cartridges will make you throw up in different colors.         1-31-09

Tennis rackets and Swedish meatballs (or schmeatballs) can be made to make a flying diploma.      1-31-09

Can you bounce a doughnut? I can.         2-14-09