I have a new website at!!! yay! visit it!! Please!!!

Sad news

I have to close this website. Oh, you'll still be able to look at it, but I won't update it. I'm sorry. If there is anyone out there who would like to take control of this website, please email me at I'm sorry fwas.

Hi People who own computers!

Or have access to one. Anyway, Welcome! You might of heard of me from my other 2 websites:, or If you haven't, that's okay. Not many people go on there anymore.  Including myself.  So, have fun, take a casual look around here, and..
And come back soon. Please.


On finding this website. Because it's hard to make a website with instead of By the way, my sister thinks .net people are for losers. I really don't care. If you are a .net person, congratulations for being bold and not caring what my sister thinks. I salute you!

How this website works

The newest articles are at the very bottom of the page. I think it's easier. For me, at least. Probably not for you.

Guess What?

This website has been here since 2008. December 31st, 2008, to be exact.

Our family computer's name!!!

FREDWARDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!! ! !!!!!!!!!  !! ! !!! !!! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!  ! ! ! !! !! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!  !!! !! !!! !

A little about me.

I can't say much, like my last name, my address, or anything like that. Anyway....
My name is Lily. I have 2 sisters: Isabel (8 years old), who likes to read but when she can, she will watch TV for 6 or more hours straight,and Evvie is 3 years old( her name is short for Evelyn, but she's really not much of an Evelyn. She is more like a dog. She goes to the bathroom anywhere she wants (her favorite spots are the couch and the floor.) and she sometimes bites. She is very loud.
    I am 10 years old and my birthday is in May. May 5th, to be exact. Cinco de Mayo! And I hate Mexican food. My family thinks I'm really weird. I do NOT agree! But after reading this website, you might. 

My friends

I have a lot of friends, but I'm only going to name a few.

Emily L.: She is my BFF. We even have friendship necklaces. October 18 is our friendship anniversary.
Laura: She is coolio! She plays like college level piano, and she practices for like 100 hours a day. It is sooooooooooo awesome.
Alison: She is known for blurting out random stuff. I love it when she laughs, and she was a skateboarder mouse in our production of the Nutcracker. She rode on a RipStick in front of the entire school!
Cameron: Cameron is really crazy and loud. That is why everyone loves her!

My favorites

My favorite...
Color: Blue
Songs:Hot N Cold (Katy Perry) One Step at a time (Jordin Sparks)
Composer: G.F. Handel                                                              
 Clothing Stores: Old Navy, Gap, H&M                       
Thing to do on the weekends: NOTHING!!! (except for soccer games) and swimming
Museum: The New World of Coca-Cola
Type of shoes: Havaianas flip flops, Uggs
Flavor of pie: Key lime
Favorite type of ice cream: mint chocolate chip!! without a doubt!
Favorite places in the world: Atlanta, New York, and California
TV Show: Jon and Kate Plus 8, iCarly, Project Runway
Movie: Horton Hears a Who, Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock, Hairspray
Actor: JERRY TRAINOR!!! from iCarly (Spencer) and Drake and Josh (Crazy Steve)

Counting rainbow worms.

I am at the beach right now. It is December 31st. Happy New years eve! I wanted to take a nap today, because I was really tired, but I couldn't. So I was about to start counting sheep, but then I imagined these rainbow worms jumping over a disco ball on a purple floor. Yes, I know, it's really weird, but the amazing thing is, it worked.

Happy New Year!  

It is December 31st today. I am going to eat dinner at a restaurant called Spicy Noodle. It is very good. See you in 2009!

My New Year's Eve

We were going to go eat at Spicy Noodle. As we were driving there, my mom was like,"What if it's closed?" Sure enough, no one was there and the lights were turned off. So we drove for like half an hour until we went to Angelina's. I have had pasta 3 nights in a row. After dinner, we went to my dad's friend's beachouse that they were staying in, which is usually where we stay. We played Guitar Hero with 9th and 11th graders!


I have a green 3rd generation nano iPod. Its name is Vlad(from Horton hears a who). My dad has a silver shuffle. Its name is John Paul Jones( a band member of Led Zeppelin.). I have 120 songs. I think. My dad has like 80. I have had mine since May, and he got his for Christmas.

Weird advertising commercials

Here are my nominees for weirdest commercials that advertise products that are SUPPOSED to make life a little bit easier. Key word:SUPPOSED. Anyway, here they are...

The Buxton Organizer( a bag that is like 5 inches wide and holds a lot of stuff. It probably weighs like 900 tons!)

The Snuggie( an ugly blanket with sleeves!)

The Big City Slider Station( a mini hamburger-making thing)

Bendaroos( wax covered in string that you can mold and bend to make stuff)

Fun Slides (carpet skates)

And those are the nominees for the weirdest advertising commercials! Do some research, and see what they are if you don't know. If you watch Nickelodeon, you probably do know all of these.


 Foods! This list is NOT complete! I'm definitely adding more soon.
Favorite foods:
baked ziti
 mint chocolate chip ice cream
Coke-flavored gummies from Germany
apple slices with peanut butter
peanut butter straight out of the jar
Deviled Eggs, especially the ones my aunt makes
Hard-boiled eggs
Scrambled eggs
(That's the one thing I can make without burning our house to the ground)

Yuckiest foods:
 Lemon- baked Fish (if you go to my school you'll remember that)
Cheese( I like string cheese, though)
Black cherry vanilla ice cream
liver (who really does like it?)
Spicy food (I was born a week early because of spicy Thai food. I still don't like it!)
Mexican food.

Isabel, New Year's Eve, and underwear don't go together well

We were at Angelina's (a restaurant) when Isabel had to go to the bathroom. She is scared of public bathrooms, so my mom went with her. They both came back giggling. Isabel whispered to me,"I forgot to put on underwear." How do you forget to put on underwear? She made it a tradition that every New Year's Eve
she would not wear underwear. She is really weird.

Um, I'd like a large Vlarpin please?

On, search iDrive Thru and click on whatever pops up. Watch it. It cracks me up, so if you are as crazy as I am, it will crack you up, too.

What do you do on the weekends?

Do you just sit around watching TV all day? Do you have soccer tournaments (like a lot of my friends do)? Do you go to the beach (if you live in that kind of place;everyone wishes they do. Consider yourself lucky if you are one of those people)?What do people do on the weekends?

Demi Lovato

She is so goth. It's weird. My sister and her friend have a different motto every week. Most of it has to do with Demi Lovato and turning goth. I tell you, Demi is a bad influence on little kids!

The Door is Purple

The door at our beach house that we are staying in has a purple door. Every time that I walk up to it, I say," the door is purple." and then I stare at it. It is really purple!

Have you ever....

Wanted to crush something?

Wanted to lick a statue of a wooden monkey?

Climb onto a chandelier?

Become a supermodel?

Hide in the bushes on Halloween with a lot of water and then pour it on those obnoxious teenagers that live on the street behind you that steal all of your candy?

Wanted to wear a bazillion socks at the same time?

Don't worry, I have never done any of these. Well, except for crushing something. About the wooden monkey, I was staring at one while I was writing this. Then Isabel read this article and dragged me over to lick the monkey. She did it,too! It tasted wooden.


 Evvie likes to wear a net on her head that is made for catching crabs in the ocean.

Home Sweet Home! 1-3-08

I'm back at home writing from our family's SUPER SLOW really old laptop. We want to get a Mac, but we're waiting until mid-March. For some really strange reason.
It shuts off whenever it feels like it (and it feels like it every 7 minutes)
It is the slowest computer you have ever seen. (I think)
It freezes up a lot.
Some of the keys on the keyboard are on the verge of breaking. (One of the Alt keys passed away recently.)
It never does what you want it to do.
So, those were some reasons why my family needs a Mac. With a camera!

My favorite websites

How goes it!?

I'm bored. Are you bored? Today is the 15th of January.  What are you doing today? I need someone to talk to, because I'm lonely. Talk  to someone today and cure their loneliness!

What I did today!               1-16-09

This is what I did today.  In chronological order.  I.....
lost my appetite this morning.
wore like1000000000 layers (it was cold)
went to school.
cleaned whiteboards
learned how to multiply mixed numbers
had math day
measured myself
played with rice
measured a pie tin
had hot chocolate WITHOUT marshmallows.
ate lunch.
Went outside for recess
teachers thought we would get hypothermia
Went inside.
took all of my magnets off my locker. Sad.
Rearranged my pet rock's condo.
Sent pet rock Joe to his friend Todd's house for a sleepover.
Put Joe's and Todd's pets in Joe's house.
Packed up and put on my 10000000000 layers back on.
Went home.
Watched TV.
Went upstairs.
Typed this.

This is pretty much what I did today! Usually it is a LOT more interesting.


There can be all kinds of lamps. Table lamps, floor lamps, and more. They can be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, pink, grey,silver, porcelain, plastic, wood,stainless steel, glass,stone, you name it. I think they are interesting. You can have a lamp that when you touch it, it lights up, or you have to turn the knob thing. You can clap your hands,press a button, push a switch, plug it in, anything. There are so many things you can do with lamps. Isn't there?


Ghost Camp
 My Girl Scout troop went on an overnight for one night at a camp in third grade. And there was a group of five cabins in a circle. One was empty and everyone called it "the haunted cabin". Then some of us (including me) went in there, freaked out, then realized it was just a store room. So Alison said that she brought her camera, and we made a movie. I was the filmer, and Alison was the director/producer/editor/lead actress/writer. Laura was Monster Mac, Mimi and Estee were monsters, Katherine and Kendall were the bullies, and everyone else were campers. We called the movie "Ghost Camp". It's about a girl who goes to camp (Alison) and the bullies tell her the story about the girl who went into the cabin and never came back out. So Alison and her friend go into the cabin and the monsters are in a closet. They come out and  yell and scream and then they see the girl who never came back out of the cabin in the mirror, which is cracked. And then they run out screaming. We want to do Ghost Camp 2: The Resurrection of Monster Mac, but our cast will be different.


We just filmed Ghost Camp 2 in October, but Alison is still working on the DVD. We filmed it at a different camp, and this time there are 2 best friends of Wellie (Alison). Monster Mac comes back and they have a big war. At the beginning the monsters drop nuts on Monster Mac and then he comes alive. During the war against the girls, he (well, really she) pretends to die, and then when everyone is gone, he runs off and does this freaky laugh. We were going to put a scream in at the end during the editing process, but it never happened. This is really awesome! One day we will win an Oscar.


We are going to film Ghost Camp 3 in Savannah at Juliette Low's birthplace. Well, really just where we're staying. I'm not sure what it's going to be about yet, but I should probably find out. I'll talk to Alison. Alison's parents are from South Korea! That was random.

Disney World!                                 1-17-09

I'M GOING TO DISNEY! I haven't been since I was 7. My sister Evvie is REALLY excited, but all she wants to ride is a quote,"Princess Ride". I told her about the spinning teacups and she was like ,"What if I fly off because it's going too fast?" She was freaked out. Right now, I'm going to my grandparent's house, so I probably won't be updating until Monday, because their computer is even slower than ours, if there is such a thing. See you on Monday!

I was wrong!                               1-18-09

It turns out that my grandparents' computer is only slow for SOME things, so that's where I am now. It is 6:30 central time (in the morning!), and I'm pretty tired. Oh well.  See ya later! 

Home Sweet Home!               1-18-09

Back at home! Isabel keeps punching me and now she is sitting on my arm gotta go bye.

Obama!               1-19-09

Tomorrow is the inaugural! I am not going to tell you  if I like Barack (did I spell that right?) Obama or not. You will just have to guess. If you don't like him, you should still be happy because he is our new president AND the first African-American president. Just like Neil what's-his-name said," That's a small step for man, but a huge step for mankind." Well, I think that's the quote. 

Can you stop a stomach growl?

You can pinch your nose to keep yourself from sneezing, easily stifle a cough, but can you stop a stomach that is bent on growling? I don't think you can.


Emily, if you are reading this, I hope there is no copyright infringement taking place, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the term WEBITES! Can I please use it?


And if you are NOT Emily, just skip this ENTIRE article. And since there are probably a BAZILLION EMILYS OUT THERE.... I meanEmily L. My BFF. The one who has a purple friendship necklace. Who has a blue backpack, 2 Chinese pugs and 1 boxer who is CRAZY! The one who's website is at Who is in my class. Who's last name is German, just like me. THAT Emily. But if you are not who I'm talking about, and you just HAPPEN to fit all of the above qualifications, too bad. This article is  NOT for you, other Emily.

Webite! Part 2.

I am not going to use the term until Emily L. lets me. So, you guys reading my website are hereby known as F.W.A.( Future Webites of America.) Or Fwas.

Yo, Fwas!

You should be proud of being a Fwa. I like that term. But I do like the webite thing, but to cancel that whole article above would be weird because then Fwa would not make any sense. So, I COULD leave the article on here, but just call you guys Fwas, which will now stand for nothing. But, Emily, if you read this, too, you should probably ignore the above article(the one with the big Please!!!!???? in the middle.)

NEW PRINTER!!!!                  1-19-09

You will NEVER guess what my dad bought yesterday, Fwas! Well, unless you read the title. It was a.............





It is truly wonderful, because that means that we are one step closer to getting a new computer! And these are compatible with Apple computers!  I can hardly wait, Fwas! Can you? I bet you can. But I can't!!

 ATTENTION ALL FWAS! What is your favorite.......

Type of lamp?
Article of clothing that is blue, brown, or green?
Football team ? (Hint for what I would answer: WAR EAGLE!!!!!)
Size of a mattress?

Fwas, do your pinkies ever hurt from pressing the shift key?

Because mine does.  I think I broke some of my cartilage in my nose. 

A riddle

What letter comes after the N?

Z  X  C  V  B  N

Go to the Photo Gallery to find out. But only after you have guessed!

Fwas, I have a random fact incoming! Be prepared!

This is my favorite word to write. look down.


No more braces! Just a retainer!



I'm soooooo

glad. I have

a retainer.

Above is my future husband!!!!!!!!!!!

I have nothing to write about, dear fwas.



woke up at 4:59 and 56 seconds
watched my watch turn to 5:00
Stayed in bed and dreamed about my future husband Joe Jonas
woke up
got my NON-UNIFORM (!) clothes on
went to school
dropped my snack
got hungry from lack of snack
had a gross lunch
dipped chicken in honey mustard (and not the chicken nugget kind)
sat in carpool
went home
did nothing
watched TV
listened to my ipod
typed some more.
still typing.


Hot N Cold by Katy Perry. Listening to it at 6:56 on Friday January 23rd, 2009.


Retainers are poopish, fwas. If you have one, I feel your pain.It's just a piece of plastic in the shape of your teeth, but, oh, the AGONY! I did not go to sleep until 10:30. Which is VERY late for me. I am wearing it right now. If you have a retainer, you can now be part of the URCA. The Unoffical Retainers Club of America. And we are very mad, aren't we, fwas?

Back from WDW!

Disney was AWESOME!!!!!! I loved Expedition Everest, Rock n Roller coaster, and Space Mountain. LOVED IT!!!!! By the way, fwas, do you think that this is a website or a blog?

Alexandra's house!

This is the 4th computer that I have updated my website on. I am at my friend Alexandra's house at 1:48 in the morning on the 31st of January. We are talking about what other people say about each other. See ya later, fwas! I've got to get me some sleep!

Guten Morgen!

That is good morning in German. I happen to be Swiss German. According to my dad, they are really weird people. I'm still at Alexandra's house. I'm watching the Mimi and Emma show! Mimi and Emma are my friends. We're trying to sue them for calling the audience losers and that we stink. I do not stink! well, I don't think I do.


That is my new word, fwas.    



I'm bored. Please help!

A mini biography about CAMERON!!

Cameron was born on March 6, 1998. She has one brother named Jack who recently broke his finger. Whenever she is at my house, we act out Hairspray, except we always change it. She likes to sing Womanizer in science class, and she is very hyper and crazy. She has a lot of friends, and EVERYONE likes her. I think.


Email is very helpful. You can send messages instantly! But I don't have an email address, and ALL of my friends do. I'm trying to convince my dad, because the only reason he won't let me is because he wants to see WHO I'm emailing. Why does he care? If you don't have an email address, fwas, I feel for you. You are now in the Secret Society of Future Emailers of the World . Or SSFEW.

Many clubs, organizations, and secret societys

That I have made such as URCA, SSFEW, or FWAS. But now it's just fwas. Are you in more than one? I am in all three. Remember, these are NOT real. But they should be.

I AM FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, me, my dad, and my sister were walking and this guy came up to us and was like, do you live around here? And we're like, yeah, right down the street. And the guy says, do you know that the fire station closed down? And we are like, OMG! I had no idea! And then the guy INTERVIEWS us.

UPDATE!! Well, more like update:(
So we are innocently watching the news after the nice lady with flaming red hair and a pinkish purple suit that really complimented her face..I just lost my train of thought. Anyway, we were watching the news and my dad was recording this on a DVD so one day when we were famous we would be able to watch what started it all and then we come on the screen. Our backs, actually. So we are a bit put out, but we are on the edge of the sofa, watching. Still. And then guess what happens, fwas. My dad appears and opens his mouth and says "Ah--" and the rest was history. But guess who stole his spotlight,fwas, GUESS!! Scroll down.


 He is the one that never lets the kids on our street have any fun.

 I am enraged,fwas.

Racing Bikes vs. Beach Bikes

Racing bikes are great for speed.Beach bikes are slower and more relaxing.
Racing bikes are thin. Beach bikes have big, comfortable seats.
Without racing bikes, there would be no bike racing.  Without beach bikes, there would be no comfort for your bottom at the beach.
Racing bikes are good for exercising those thighs! Beach bikes are good for relaxing those thighs.
Racing bikes can have multiple handlebars. Beach bikes have handlebars that are spread apart, giving a relaxed yet sophisticated look, which pleases the rider.
Owning a racing bike and riding it regularly screams out to people," I like to speed through life. Why are you looking at me?" Beach bikes gently say," I am happy with my life, but I wish I could live at the beach." Unless you do live at the beach.
Racing bikes are usually one color, like red, blue, or grey. Beach bikes can come in many different patterns, such as blue with bubbles (like the one I rented this summer).

Which one do you prefer? I was trying to be objective in this, but it was hard.

Green Glasses!

At lunch, me, Alison, and Carson were listening to these guys named Max, Rhodes, and John. They didn't want us listening, so Max said, "Don't you guys think that Lily's green glasses are weird?" And then I told him that first of all, my glasses are NOT weird, and second, they are blue. He still thinks that they are green. So when we had our Valentines' Day party, on his valentine to me he wrote," Happy Valentine's Day Lily!" And on the back he wrote "Green Glasses!"

It did stop us from listening, though.

What I did today!

Woke up.
Got dressed with my NON-UNIFORM clothes on
ate breakfast
packed my backpack
double checked that I had my math Problem of the week
double checked that I had my signed Reading Log
double checked that I had my valentines
went to school
realized that apparently I forgot to double check for my snack
got hungry
blamed my mind for getting hungry
found a teddy bear, a necklace, flowers, a balloon, and a CD from my BFF's "boyfriend" in her locker
got excited
but also left out
because I like all of those things
it was a pretty necklace, too.
found a new favorite book
found out it was called "The Turtle Saver"
saved from hungriness by lunch
talked with alison
found out that Emily wasn't the only one who found something in her locker
emma q.
and estee
felt sad
went to science
felt mad because i got a 99 on my science test
because i only missed one
but also happy
went to math
got a POW pass and a lollipop
watched josh throw a sharpie at jake r.
because jake r. deserved it
wished Mrs. Eyles was there
to threaten him
went upstairs to my
had a party
gave everyone my valentines
and also Cecilia's
because she had to leave
for a soccer tournament
in Orlando
ate a lot of junk food
won 3rd place in bingo
found out that there were no prizes left
the party ended
sat in carpool
watched Carson's lollipops and her earrings
felt mad
because i hate carpool
who doesn't
got my number called
went outside
got in the car
went home
feeling sorry for myself
and trying to cheer myself up
but it didn't work
until i saw something
max's valentine
it wasn't that special,
but on the back
it was.
he wrote
green glasses.

Wasn't that poetic?


The sky is blue
the book is blue
the pen is blue
the lamp is blue
the shampoo is blue
the glasses are blue
the watch is blue
the hairbrush is blue
the flip flops are blue
the jacket is blue
the shirt is blue
the button is blue
the flag is blue
the jeans are blue
the uggs are...



In school we are writing LOTS of poetry. But not rhyming, thank goodness. Odes and free form, that's all. I like poetry. For our poetry slam, I was going to write about an ode to a pumpkin, but then I started all over and I am writing a poem about happiness. Every sentence is a question. But I'm behind with my poetry because I started over. Oh well.


Well, not really. You see, when I'm on the computer, there's usually no one around because no one in my family cares about this site. Sure, they might visit once in a while, but really, they don't care. So, I'm all alone.  And it's kind of sad. But the computer is my friend. My VERY OLD and slow moving friend. But it's still  my friend. What should I name the computer? If you go to school with me, tell me. I'll pick the best and then write it on here, fwas. Thanks!

Possible Names for old and slow moving friend!!!

Fredwardo update!! this name is the winner!!!!!
Bouncing Doughnut

Remember, these are all RANDOM names. They're just the names at the top of my head.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!         2-14-09

Valentine's Day is FAKE. But it's fun to celebrate. My room is covered in valentine cards from my friends. I have a big room, too. Happy V-day, fwas!!!!


Brown is a color. Sometimes it can be a good color, like hair, eyes, uggs, pants, etc. Other times, it's not so great, like something you would find in the toilet.  I have many brown things, including....
that's all I can think of right now.


Here are reasons why Isabel is mean.
She says mean things about me on her website
She says mean things to my face
She watches TV when I'm trying to do my homework
She hates my website
She is rude
She criticizes everything about me
She sneaks into my room and eats my candy and messes up my room
She listens to my iPod A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! !  !!! ! !!! ! !! !!   !!
She hates Joe Jonas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ! !!!   !!!   ! ! !! !! !!!!!
She is mean.
She is rude (did I say that already?)


Computers are a very helpful item of helpfulness. They help us communicate. Email and websites such as Facebook and MySpace helps other people connect. They also provide entertainment, such as computer games ,like Poptropica, or websites that people spend most of their time on, trying to please and entertain the world (can you say, "Hint") . These are reasons why computers are very helpful to this world.


The Macintosh is a computer. But it is also an apple. That's why Apple is called Apple.  I just realized that. I don't know why. But Macs are good computers. And apples.


Another Color Poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The room is pink.
the scarf is pink
the lamp is pink
the uggs are pink
the dress is pink
the camera was pink
the eraser is pink
the pencil is pink
the picture is pink
the sweater is pink
the paper is pink
the book is pink
the singer is P!nk
the pink is pink
the uggs are....


What I did today!                              2-16-09

You probably do not know, fwas, that I only write "What I did today" on non-uniform days (or as Cecilia likes to call them, NU days)! And guess what tomorrow is,fwas, guess! A NU DAY!!!!!! Be prepared!

UPDATE: The 24th of February is a half NU day, because we only reached 80% of our energy saving goal. So, I will only write half of what I did today. If it is the morning or afternoon,fwas, well, I do not know. I'll try to do the most interesting. But for now, fwas, I have to go practice violin. Cheerio! Toodles! Adios! TTYL! Bye!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Turns out we have River Kids on the 24th.

What I did today!!!

woke up
got dressed
fell down
felt sad
got mad at Isabel
because she made us late
and i had to finish my spanish test
went to school
had spanish
was partners with max
in connect four
won all four times
max was mad
went to lunch
almost ate a whale sandwich
saved by turkey
went to recess
went to spy on Emily's boyfriend
to try to get info about him
went inside
checked administration offices to see if the lights were turned off
went home

Words I like


Isabel is a fake!!!!

She claims to have strep throat. That morning when only I was around, she was happy and cheerful and talkative. (Translation:SHE IS A FAKEO!!!)


I do not like max. He tripped Carson, and I happened to be holding on to Carson, so I fell and scratched myself. :(

Artist's Market!!!

At our school, from February 17-21, the entire gym is covered in art. Lots of art. So, today at like 10:30 AM, I'm going. I don't know if I am going to buy anything.

Because of the market of art, carpool is either outside or, if your # is in 450-600 you get to stay inside. My carpool number is 463. Yay!


My mom is thinking!!! She is thinking!!! The Plutonians are thinking!!! What are the natives of Pluto thinking??? They're thinking about letting me have a GMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pluto is about to become my favorite dwarf planet! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!! That's Plutoian for  I'M SO EXCITED I'M ABOUT TO WET MY PANTS!!!! I will no longer have to ignore my friends at recess! Because Gmail is all they talk about!! Now I can happily join them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up! But I don't think it's working. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP!!!


He deserves much more appreciation than he actually gets.


It is.....

it ROCKS!!

I am no longer in SSFEW. You will have to elect a new president.